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The Science of Retinol

By September 10, 2020October 15th, 2020No Comments


Retinol, or Vitamin A, is produced naturally in the body and is vital in the production of collagen and cell turnover. All-trans-Retinol, the pure and active form of Vitamin A, is a potent retinoid that has the chemical structure most like tretinoin. When applied topically to the skin, All-trans-Retinol compromises the skin barrier in the form of exfoliation, which then signals skin to produce new, healthy cells.  


– Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

– Improves overall skin texture and tone 

– Minimize the appearance of large pores 

– Improves the look of discoloration or unwanted pigmentation 

– improves the look of acne scarring and blemishes 



While there are hundreds of topical Retinol products available today, they are not created equal. At Topix, our team of experts formulate exclusively with high quality, medical grade ingredients that are high in potency and low in preservatives or additives. Retinol must be stabilized and protected in a delivery system to achieve optimal activation and minimal adverse effects, such as redness and irritation. Our patented delivery systems feature the latest technology to protect, stabilize and deliver the Retinol into the skin, whereas many products on the market lack this stabilization and activation.  


Whether the patient is new to Retinol treatments or an experienced vet, ensure the patient is skin ready. Confirm they have taken a break from their exfoliator 2-7 days before starting on a Retinol –depending on skin sensitivity. Also, make sure they are equipped with a daily sunscreen, one that they are excited about and will want to apply – compliance is key and SPF protection is vital to the maintenance of treatment progress. Patients should not start retinoid therapy if they are pregnant or nursing. 


We defer to you, the skincare professional, on the frequency and strength of retinol to use on a patient by patient basis. If a patient is just starting out on Retinol, treatment a few times a week and low in strength, with a plan to step up, is ideal. Retinol works by exfoliating and breaking down the skin barrier, therefore leaving skin more susceptible to extrinsic aggressors, such as UV light. Because of this, skin may be more vulnerable while wearing a Retinol and it is why we recommend nightly application to maintain healthy skin functionality. Patients should apply a nighttime moisturizer rich in moisture replenishing ingredients such as ceramides, lipids and antioxidants after they’ve applied their Retinol. During the day, patients should apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher after applying their daytime moisturizer. Sunscreen should always be applied during the day, but even more so during their Retinol treatment to protect the skin and their progress.  

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