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Sales Tips

Sell Through Skincare with Prescription Pads

By September 10, 2020October 15th, 2020No Comments

Topix is growing its #PartnersInPractice program and tools to support our customers’ needs. 

One of the easiest to adapt into every patient visit is a customized Prescription Pad. This simple tool can help practices achieve greater results, stronger sales and reduce the amount of time spent discussing skincare.  

Successful skincare Prescription Pads include categorized products (ie: Cleanse & Tone,  Exfoliate & Treat, Correct & Repair, Anti Acne, etc), morning and evening routine options and a section for more specific instructions. 

Here are some of its advantages: 

  • Prescribe (don’t sell): Many clinicians are reticent to “sell” skincare. This medical tool helps to overcome that concern, enabling a more formalized recommendation of skincare to the patient.  
  • Save time: In the precious minutes reserved for addressing skin concerns, the Prescription Pad becomes a non-verbal tool for the office team. They can follow through on regimen recommendations, ensuring that patients leave with products and directing them to the practice ecommerce site for future orders. 
  • Never forget: Using a Prescription Pad is a great way to always remember every available product and address common conditions — all while selling multiple products as part of an efficacious regimen. 
  • Future results and sales: Tie in your practice ecommerce page by printing the link, along with a check box for “Subscribe & Save.” This can help make sure patients are compliant by never running out of their favorite skincare. And it sets the practice up for an annuity of revenue. 
  • It’s a record: Be sure to provide the patient with a copy and scan it into his/her chart. This will formally document the prescription for future reference and follow up. 

As with all Topix #PartnersInPractice materials, the Prescription Pad is customizable. You can brand it for your practice, create the categories and list your specific product names. 

Please visit or contact your local Business Development Specialist to create yours now!