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Sales Tips

A 360 Degree Approach

By October 15, 2020No Comments

Your brand is more important now than ever before. With increased market competition and companies marketing directly to consumers, there is increased risk of the physician losing his/her place as an expert in skin health.

It takes multiple impressions for any consumer – or patient – to make a purchase. This includes medical visits, laser treatments and your branded skincare from Topix. It’s vital to think about all the key touchpoints where your brand can have an impact. This means looking closely at the entire patient experience:

Website & Shop: This is often be the first place where a patient (or customer) gets a first impression. Is your logo and design aesthetic prominent? Does it reflect what your practice is about? Is your practice-branded skincare immediately noticeable and easily accessed (ie: one click to shop)? Any practice that isn’t selling and promoting its skincare on its website isn’t fully servicing its patients and reaching its potential, especially after Covid.

Confirmation Emails/Texts: Be sure to always have your practice logo and a link to your shop page. Prior to the appointment, here’s where you can also remind the patient to ask about a skincare regimen appropriate for his/her skin type.

Entrance/Waiting Room/Check In: Even in the time of “waitless” waiting rooms, there is still an opportunity to express your brand and its skincare. Do you have images of your line in the hallway? Posters? Merchandising (safely)? This is an opportunity to further plant the seed that your skincare is part of the office visit.
Treatment Room: This is the ideal place for a patient to see your brand and its associated skincare. Rather than over populate the room with posters of commonly available items – which can be price shopped and even purchased while someone is in your care – prominently feature your brand and skincare. Counter top displays, testers (stored and utilized safely), small posters and shelving that can all be utilized in these [often windowless] rooms. And don’t forget to prescribe your personalized skincare regimen!

Check Out: Another key touch point during the patient’s journey, this is an opportunity for messaging about your brand. Even if a regimen isn’t recommended in the room, no one should leave the office without some of your custom-branded skincare. Signage can reflect this, along with messaging from the staff at check out.

Follow Up/Patient Communications: As you continue to communicate with your patients, be sure there are standard footers on email blasts — and even in your email signature – that tout your products with a link to your shop page.

These are just six touch points to promote your brand, your skincare and grow patient loyalty and value. Please contact your local Topix Business Development Specialist to support you with these efforts.