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Sales Tips

Best Practices for In-Office Merchandising

By April 7, 2021No Comments

When marketing to patient-consumers, there are many potential touch points. In addition to email, social media and various digital channels, in-office marketing and merchandising remains one of the best ways to capture and retain sales. Here are some best practices.

Good in-office marketing can boost product sales by 20% or more. Think about the patient journey and take a look at your clinic space for all marketing opportunities. Where is there room to promote your brand?


Do you have brand signage? Is there an area for a full-sized poster or other large-scale marketing tools?

Entry Way

Also for large-scale assets, this is a prominent location to feature your latest products and treatments.

Waiting Room

Think about using a central location to display and merchandise your custom branded products. Is there a wall that’s a primary area of focus? The installation of your logo and shelving – at eye level – can be a draw for all who enter. Consider testers and/or samples, shelf talkers and other visual cues like skincare categories (ie: sun care, brightening, post procedure/highly sensitive, staff recommendations, etc) to encourage self-shopping. An ideal scenario places these near a team member who can speak to these products, enabling stronger sales.


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