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Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has introduced Replenix® MD Perfect 10 Peels, medicalgrade, in-office aesthetic treatments. These peels purportedly contain a synergistic blend of ingredients that visibly reduce the signs of aging with one peel session. Each component of the system is formulated with soothing and calming antioxidants to support the peeling agents.
March, 2013

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A pore-friendly mist shields from head to toe without stickiness. Jill Waibel, a Miami dermatologist, likes Replenix® Sheer Physical Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+



Product Reviews
Lightweight and hydroquinone-free ReBrightalyze Enhancement Therapy Lotion from Topix Pharmaceuticals combines silymarin, ascorbic acid, emblica, vitamin E and curcuminoids to protect and calm skin; and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, kojic acid, arbutin and bearberry to brighten skin and fade the appearance of dark spots.
July/August, 2013



Editor’s Pick: Best New Product
Replenix® CF Serum A veritable tea party for improving skin tone, this sheer serum contains 90% polyphenol isolates (derived from green tea), for the most powerful antioxidant properties. It also contains hyaluronic acid to plump up skin with moisture.
July, 2007

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Sunscreen Includes Photostabilizers
Replenix® Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+ utilizes the latest Singlet Photo-Stabilization Technology, which effectively and efficiently stabilizes the active sunscreens important to the patient’s overall sun protection. This advanced sunscreen blocks most UVA and UVB radiation from reaching the skin, minimizes the effects of UV damage, and provides up to 55 times the skin’s natural protection from sunburn.
June, 2011

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Therapeutics Update
Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. introduced the Replenix® MD Perfect 10 Peel, a medicalgrade, in-office aesthetic treatment system intended to reduce the signs of aging in one peel session. The two-step process includes: 1) a blend of acids, including glycolic, salicylic, lactic, and others, designed to maximize exfoliation and gentle peeling; and 2) All-Trans-Retinol Complex, which is designed to enhance and augment the peel’s effects, according to the company.
March, 2013

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The Grooming Agenda
Using a sunscreen’s good but pairing it with an antioxidant serum will help elevate and boost the protection. […] My latest find is the pretty amazing Topix Replenix® Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream SPF 50+. It is oil and alcohol free and contains not just one but five antioxidants. So here’s to not letting premature aging win.
September, 2013



Anti-Aging Report
“I like Glycolix™ Elite Treatment glycolic peel pads. They’re sold in dermatologists’ offices and give a very fine exfoliation.”
August, 2013

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Product Review
Glycolix Elite Sunscreen SPF 30 This doctor-distributed formula contains 17% micronized zinc oxide – the highest concentration I have found- so it protects well against UVA and UVB rays. Equally important: it’s not greasy.”
December, 2006

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New Products:
Topix Pharmaceuticals’ cream contains a formula of antioxidants, chelators, peptides, and retinol designed for sensitive skin around the eyes. Replenix® Eye Repair Cream reduces the appearance of dark under-eye circles, fine lines and puffiness, while enhancing firmness and skin texture. It can also be used as a base for eye makeup.
May/June, 2011

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New Products
The new Replenix® Clarifying Brightening Polish from Topix Pharmaceuticals is a mild cleanser with exfoliating micro-beads that is designed to refine skin “gently and effectively.”
August, 2012



Winter Wonders: Stock Up
“Choose a hand cream with silicones and humectants that coats skin without leaving it slick, drippy, or sticky. Waldorf swears by Derma Topix Intensive Hand Cream: “I use it three times a day in the winter, and my hands don’t get dry, even though I’m washing them repeatedly.'”
December, 2013



Product Reviews
ReBrightalyze Enhancement Therapy Lotion contains non-irritating, stabilized skin brightening ingredients that promote a brighter, luminous complexion. The lotion combines optimal concentration of botanical skin tone enhancing ingredients along with skin protective antioxidants to improve its appearance and treat skin discoloration from multiple pathways. It does not clog pores and does not have the bleach smell associated with other brightening products.
August/September, 2013



Beauty 101
After washing, you have about three minutes to halt the evaporation of water from the skin… Smoothing on a hydrating serum, such as Topix Replenix® CF, beforehand can deliver an added boost of moisture.
October, 2007

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Product Reviews
Topix Pharmaceuticals introduces Topix Intensive Hand Cream, a hypo allergenic, fragrance-free, non-greasy formulation that replenishes lost nutrients with vitamins B and E. Glycerin fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
January/February, 2012

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Therapeutics Update
New Replenix® Clarifying Brightening Polish removes makeup, excess oils, and toxins through the dual action of manual and chemical exfoliation. A pure crystalline glycolic acid helps to slough away surface skin cells to enhance texture, suppleness, and moisture levels while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without causing irritation.
August, 2012