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Citrix® CRS L-Ascorbic Acid Serum

Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of plant-derived growth factors and collagen building peptides to its advanced formula Citrix® CRS L-Ascorbic Acid Serum. These proven ingredients help to strengthen, fortify and support new collagen to help rebuild the dermal layer. The advanced collagen rejuvenation system reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and age spots and improves skin texture, tone, and overall appearance.

This advanced Vitamin C system features other high performance ingredients such as Tri-peptides to aid in increased collagen production and Apple and Citrus Stem Cells for intensive micronutrient support, essential for healthy collagen.

The new Citrix® CRS serum is available in 10, 15 and 20% concentrations of this collagen-building antioxidant offering physicians a step-up program to further customize their regimens. This lightweight, fast-absorbing formula is gluten, paraben, oil, alcohol, surfactant, and fragrance free.